Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook
Versatile Notebook

Versatile Notebook

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Multi-Purpose Refillable Notebook with Built-in USB and Power Bank

Multi-Purpose refillable notebook with built-in USB and power bank is an advantage and very useful for every businessman or woman on their business transactions, it is also useful for the teachers especially when they are making their lesson plans and reports, this is also an advantage for every students especially to those who are making their reports,research, thesis, feasibility studies and etc.

And apart from the paper, there are other storage and spaces you can save your different ideas too.

The largest part of it is the awesome notebook. There are enough leaves (bound by metal rings) inside to last for at least a year. The individuals who will get a chance to receive it will, therefore, be able to keep their notes in a single notebook.

The next feature is the power bank that has been embedded at the back of the promo gift. Because of its smart housing, the papers can lay flat on the surface. The three different cables that go with it do not get in the way either as they have special slots close to the power button.

The charging capacity of this Multi-Purpose Notebook with Built-in USB and Powerbank is 4,000 mAh. A typical smartphone has a more or less 2,000-5,000-mAh battery. With this fact put into consideration, your giveaway will still be a lifesaver for the people whether you opt for the minimum or the maximum capacity. 

Now, where is the flash drive? It plays a unique role in the Multi-Purpose Notebook with Built-in USB and Powerbank since it serves as the door to open the journal. In a sense that it secures all the important files that may be written in it while staying as a storing device.

Yes, that is the USB port hanging on one end of the silicone strip, which makes it far from being space-consuming. But in fancier designs, the pen drive sticks to the front clasp of the notebook with the help of a magnet. This simple truth implies that the users can detach it as well for effortless usage.

And just like with the power bank, there are also accessible options for the personalized USB. The memory sizes available for it are 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB. Not offering anything less than the first-mentioned lets you prove that you have thought of the recipients’ needs before creating the journal.

Perks from Custom Journal with Powerbank and USB

  • Nice Brand Placement. See the notebook cover as a big blank canvas. You can put different illustrations on it or have the logo printed, embroidered, embossed, etc. Simply picture out the design that can attract your clients the best.
  • High Brand Awareness. If the business is starting to gain attention, the receivers of the product can carry it anywhere. Thus, more people can take a look at it and perhaps become curious to know more about the brand.
  • Better Brand Reputation. The customized notebook can be a noteworthy item for anniversary promo. Imagine, a journal with a USB flash drive and a portable charger? That will surely uphold your company’s social status.

The power bank ensures your smartphone does not run out of juices. The pen drive maintains the soft copies of your documents. The papers allow you to jot down pieces of information quickly throughout the day. If you ask our opinion, it is a complete package of all storage things anyone can want.




 Genuine Leather


 23.7cm x 16.8cm


Power Bank Diary Notebook


Wood Color


Ring binder, credit card holder slot, pen holder, power bank Notebook Diary


Promotion gift/business gift

Powerbank Capacity 4000 mAh
USB Capacity 2gb, or 4gb or 8gb of your choice
Pages 100 sheets